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Xtreme tit bruising

The whip is applied to many places. She takes it. She cant help but wince when it snaps across her pussy, but she doesnt complain. To some women, pain is a part of fulfillment. She is one of those. Her tits are brutalized and they show the signs of such harsh treatment. They are stretched like inflated balloons as her tormentor brings the cat to bear wherever the whim strikes him. Ultimately, of course, she breaks. No one could take this amount of harsh punishment without crying out.

Pain and humiliation

You gotta love how these guys take their time, relishing the procedures and devices as they deliberately cause discomfort, pain and humiliation to young women. Taped with her arms spread eagled on a metal bar, she is made to squirm as he rolls a pointed star appliance over her body. He uses his fingers to masturbate her and the por girl is beside herself with lust as she cums for us. The hapless gal, suspended by her mouth in a hot revealing costume, is subjected to a vibrator held firmly against her pussy. Finally, her face against the floor, he whips her gently, but does not spare her a heavy clip fastened to her labes. I doubt you will get through this one without blowing it.

Around her neck

I never tire of watching our guys take their time while tying and humiliating these hapless girls. Hands tied behind her back, rope around her neck. He is like a boy scout, practicing his knots. He loves the feel of the rope between his fingers. He loves making her helpless, humming to himself as he abuses her flesh, her tits, her ass and of course her pussy. He twists her every which way his whim dictates. Spreads her legs on the chair as he experiments with positions and ties. She watches with apprehension, not knowing exactly what he will do or when, but surely aware that he will take his pleasure while giving us ours.

Mouth clamped open

Such unnatural positions. She would make her mother proud. She does not get the respect to see her punishers face. His ood-mask hides those details from her view as he clamps her mouth open and feels her tits at will. Nice tits at that. The slobber from her open mouth drools down her chin as she awaits his next move. Her hands reach for the clamp and remove it. She swallows and wipes her chin while he goes about his business scarcely noticing. He will set things aright presently. He makes her cry out as he goes about his deliberations. So many pauses. So much time for anticipation before her tits are tightly bound and poke out at us, red and swollen

Pinching roller bars

One of our guys came up with these two pinching roller bars. Just imagine what havoc we could wreak on breasts if we wished to. Maybe we will. Oh, show us that ass sticking up waiting for anything we wish to perpetrate upon it. First the cunt lips take a stretching and make her cry out. Could the whip be next? I like a gal with cellulite. Adds a touch of pathetic to the show. And one with such large tits. We know she gets lots of attention and turns down lots of guys who want to take her out (in?). But she can not say no to us. She is ours. If we wish to pinch her tits between rollers, then we can. And we do.

Unique breast tieup

an extra tie makes this video unusual Our guys are always coming up with something new. We encourage them to be creative, and when they do so many girls things can get boring. So these pierced breast get tied into quarters Now she is racked, immobilized by the strong metal frame, her tits pinched between two cold, metal poles. Hot candle wax dripped on sensitive body parts is an old standby, so if you like to watch that, then give this video a play. Also if you like to see mouths stretched to capacity, check this one out. Her tits are nicely bruised. She eyes us through the camera lens. Come and do me her eyes are saying.

Candle wax and pins

This girl takes them all! Naturally we are going to whip this one, but they dont usually take it on the hands. She does. He yanks her by the hair. Candle wax flows freely as this touch cookie handles I without a whimper. You gotta admire that. Clothespins on her labia she handles that, too. Feather duster? Mm hm. Even nipple abuse. She is ticklish so our man makes the most of that, eliciting helpless giggles from her. Later she is bound with plastic wrap as she lays across a narrow elevated board. And into her hineye go the pins. She does not cry out. Like I said: a tough cookie this one. The small strap gets a reaction, but you know she can take more. Next time

Pipe work & electrodes

We must be frustrated plumbers. All these pipes! She wears a hood. Anonymity at her request. Doesnt want daddy to recognize her doing these kinky things. Chained and tied to a pipe frame her breasts tightly bound, snatch exposed. Black tape pinches and holds her breasts, the constriction turns them red. She is ensconced in black rubber while our guy feels her up and wires her for shock. A vibrator is applied to her clit and she moans in ecstasy. But now the electricity. Her hood is pumped up with air as a pendant with a small hard ball is swung against her pussy. And then the whip. And then the cane.

Weight on her tongue

That has to hurt. But much more for this babe. She is a big-titted chubette and those big ones do get squeezed. She is whipped while confined with a bell banded to her tongue. She cant speak but she sure can ring. She is clearly uncomfortable with the weight on her tongue. We can understand that. In fact we count on it. You are not here for pleasure, bitch. We expose your cunt so we can abuse it. Didnt you understand that when you entered the premises? Here, some nice sharp clips for your nipples. Like those? How about when I stress them? Now let us tie up those D cups so they are prepared for feeling and whipping. Some gals make us feel sympathy

Clips and whips

I kind of like it when they start out with clothes. She is wearing a blue shift, but her pussy is exposed. The cat is brought smartly across her cheeks and she cries out softly. Now we see those breasts and we like them. But their beauty will not save them from the clothes pins. He is behind her, sitting on a chair, face to face with her sweet ass. A little plastic paddle stings when slapped across tender, exposed skin. Her tits look like a sea urchin so covered with clothespins are they. He mauls her breasts from behind. Black tape will distort and squeeze those nice boobs. Misshapen and distended they lose their appeal. We like them that way. A straight forward whipping with the cat, weight dangling from her labes rounds this one out.

Two gals tortured tits

These tits are bound to where they turn bright red with confined blood. Ropes in their mouths bind them back to back, their tits tightly tied. Also tied at the wrists and arms, they are sisters in punishment. Now tied to separate pillars, the harsh breast punishment continues without letup. They are made to pull against each other in a tug of war that has to be painful, then a black dildo is held in the mouth of one while the other sucks it. Judging by how she sucks this big artificial cock, one can only imagine how good it is when she does the real thing. But we saved the best for last. One is forced perhaps we should say allowed to go down on the other who does seem to enjoy it. Okay, girls, show us your love by kissing.

Kinky outfit & equipment

Head restrained, she is obliged to undress herself as best she can. Her hands and neck are immobilized so she can scarcely move as the whip strikes her bare bottom. Then she is spread-eagled on the floor, ankles and wrists shackled in position, her pussy completely vulnerable. Her pussy takes a beating in this. She holds the cane between her teeth while he whips her, then tickles the soles of her feet. You can only imagine what penalty awaits if she drops the stick. Her ability to cry out is severely limited.

Stretched and abused

Our gal of the day is roped up in awkward positions, the better to humiliate and pain her. Our agent takes his time tying his victim just the way he wants her. He is not hurried as her restraints keep her from doing more than watching with increasing fear what he is preparing to do to her. As the rubber swatter slaps across her back and ass, she cries out and struggles to escape, but there is no escape. He lets her up, only to bind her to a transverse pole with her breasts stretched and squeezed. The off the floor she comes, suspended by arms ankles and breasts. Such positions! She struggles but the pain and humiliation overcome her and she whimpers as she tries to make it through the session.

B cup brunette

Proud of these smallish, round boobs. I often wonder how these gals can take the pain of having their breasts bound so tightly that they turn puffy and red. Her nipples poke out as if to beg: Touch me. Squeeze me hard. She also seems to enjoy the whip as it slaps across her cheeks. Not as much as you enjoy watching Ill bet. This little sweet thing with the labial piercings does cry out when she is subjected to the whip. All for your amusement. What would you do to her given the opportunity? Would you whip her pussy in her helpless state as our man does? Where would your imagination take you? Would you make her cry out as he does?

Hooded cunt abuse

Hard to call this pussy abuse. Pussy is a nice word. He treats her such that we can only call it cunt abuse. He treats her like a cunt. We dont even get to see the face of this hapless chubette. She is humiliated even in that. It is her body and spirit which suffer the punishment. I cant say if that condition was imposed upon her or at her request. Just that her beaten body pays the price. On with the binding of her tits. He takes his time, of course, as do all our guys. Since she is just slave meat there is no need to take her interests or comfort into account. Just yours. Her will is not her own. Her tits are not her own.

Pierced and abused

When a girl comes to us with pierced nipples we figure she enjoys the pain it is necessary to bear in that area. So with this one we stretched and tied and put them through their paces. The sound of screws being turned makes our subjects with their exposed pussies nervous. You cant blame them. This one took the whip quite well not crying out at first, but their pride gets them more punishment. Our guy wants to elicit reactions and when he doesn't get them at first he adds cruelty. Pride does not serve you in these situations. It just adds to the torture.

Short haired brunete

A twist you may not have seen before. A little leather strap across her mouth. Gagged, helpless young brunette, arms strapped and holding her up from behind. Her butt is exposed for the inevitable whipping. He starts out easy and she doesnt flinch, but when he begins to put some juice behind it, she whimpers. This is not one who takes pain so well. He loves playing with her tits as much as he enjoys whipping her and making her cry out. At times she is not gagged and we hear her vocal ows. He places tightly screwed clamps on her breast, squeezing them painfully. Some very nice, tittie whipping in this one

Dildo machine

We love making girls come against their will. Another buxom chick in a flaming red wig. Spread-eagled, her snatch vulnerable to whatever we wish to do to her. Naturally her breasts belong to us to do whatever we wish to them, either gentle or cruel. We like both. We have this neat dildo machine, our own design of course. It simulates a real fuck and it is obvious she loves to fuck. We increase the speed and she cries out in ecstasy when it makes her come. Then we slow it down, then speed it back up to try to make her come again. Yes we do! She must REALLY love to fuck. She is wobbly when he lets her get up. Orgasm takes a lot out of you

Clothespins and stuffed

At least one of them is enjoying herself. Is it better or worse to be tortured by another woman? The jury is still out. She is just as deliberate and thorough as her male counterparts, whipping the breast of her hapless victim, twisting her chin. She kisses her on the lips before inserting the strap-on and fucking her while slapping her ass cheeks. She places about ten clothespins on her nipples, then drips hot candle wax onto those pained breasts. They kiss, both clearly into it; our mistress stuffs her mouth with strap-on, then pinches her tongue with a rubber band. The dildo machine finishes her off.

An unusual device

And of course breasts bound tightly. Breasts stressed. Say that five times quickly. She looks over the device which holds her, puzzling at their design. Hot wax makes her moan and breathe heavily. She feels the sting of the whip as she is tied to the metal structure, her tits tightly confined between the bars. She fights back the tears as the whip strikes her butt and back. He is cruel and gives her no quarter. Stick held between her teeth, breasts held tightly by clamps. She is not a happy puppy. He kneels in front of her and finally finds the key to her tears. She breaks down and cries, then he pulls her hair from behind. Her nipples are sensitive and he uses that against her.

Natural tits, red wig

Ah the helplessness. Tied up, there is nothing she can do; gagged, there is nothing she can say. She is cranked up, held in position by chains with an iron bar under her chin. The strap cracks across her back and wherever else we want it to go. Her tits are bound tightly. She could not protest if she wished to. He handles her like the piece of meat we want her to be. Her tits and nipples are handled and pinched until we hear her protest under the gag. She seems to enjoy having her tits at our command. He loves playing with those lovely, large tits while he ties and abuses them, then leaves the room and leaves her alone wondering what he will come p with next. He ties her tit to her thigh. Very hot.

Whipped and vibrated

Nice combo. Her ass cheeks show clear signs of whipping. But the vibrator cures all ills. Lots of tats on this fine lady. She feels the stroke of the week on her bottom and then as it licks between her legs. She jumps and cries out as the strands of the cat penetrate her ass and pussy. She gasps in pain. Nicely marked. Forced to hold a dildo in her mouth, she takes a whipping at the same time. Pain and pleasure together. Now that is a combination she can wrap her legs around. Tied spread-eagled to the floor she takes the cane in her most sensitive places. Canes leave marks better than other devices. This tattooed honey will remember us every time she sits for a long time. Holler for me, honey. That is why we left you ungagged. © Tjeezers 2003-2010